Welcome To The World’s First French Bulldog Cafe

Who doesn’t love London? Who doesn’t love French Bulldogs? Who doesn’t love coffee?? There’s a perfect heaven for you.

Pug Cafe is a pop up event held around the UK that hosts pug-centric pawties for pugs, their owners, and those who just wish they were fortunate enough to have a pug. 

Unlike other animal cafes, Pug Cafe is not so much about cuddling pups, it’s more of an opportunity for dogs to be pampered with special treats and to socialize with humans and canines alike.

Not so much of a pug lover? Just wait.

This year, Pug Cafe is hosting their first ever Frenchie Cafe in London.

Need more details?? Us, too. 

The event will be held at The Happenstance Bar and will include treats for all creatures as well as professional photographs to always remember the most pawww-fic day.

Admission is by reservation only and tickets allow you into the event for a 70 minute slot. Pricing varies whether you are a Frenchie owner or Frenchie lover. 

If you’re ready to head to London, tickets go on sale on August 18th.

People can’t wait to go.

Others are begging Pug Cafe to travel to their city.

Some are even ready to pack their bags just so they can make the event.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here crying into my own puppuccino until they come to the States.

H/T: Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Pug Cafe