People Share The Extreme Lengths They’ve Gone To For The Perfect Photo

  Pics these days, am I right? 

Why in my day we had to WAIT AN ENTIRE WEEK to even know if our selfies, which we just called “photos,” even turned out right (a HARD NO 99% of the time)! Gone are the times of a simple snapshot with friends or a blurry panoramic of some landscape you don’t even remember the name of by the time the pictures come back from the Rite-Aid photo center! Kids nowadays are out here with an entire crew of assistants for their Instabooks and Twittergrams! I am 936 years old!

But seriously folks: who among us hasn’t gone to great lengths to get juuuust the right Instagram shot? I once broke an entire set of drinking glasses while trying to take the perfect “Tom Hardy’s MySpace”-style thirst trap—I’d propped myself up on the kitchen counter to get the right angle and light such that I’d actually have a chin and jawline for once, and my supporting hand slipped directly into the glasses drying behind me and they all fell on the tile floor. 

Then, since I wasn’t wearing shoes I had to shimmy my butt along the edge to the other side of the kitchen away from all the broken glass. AND THEN I SENT THE THIRST TRAP TO THE DUDE WHO REQUESTED IT AND HE NEVER RESPONDED. 

Modern living: is it worth it? 

Anyway, it turns OUT my first mistake was going it alone. The Beatles said it best: “I get perfect Insta pics with a little help from my friends,” as Twitter user Gavin Garcia perfectly illustrated this week when he gave us a “Behind the Scenes” look at just how he created one of his best “selfies”–which turned out to not be a selfie at all, but a rather complicated teamie-effortie!

The magic of the ‘gram! 

Garcia’s reveal inspired others to give a glimpse of how they and their “support systems” created some of their best photos:

Although some had to admit they’d done things the old-fashioned way—thankfully with far more success than I had!

Much like myself, these peeks behind the scenes made some people question their friendships:

While others put out calls for new assistants friends:

Get you a squad who can do both!

Gavin definitely has me rethinking my social media strategy…

Gotta do it for the ‘gram!

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