The Internet Responds To Pet Owner’s Grief And Guilt Of Losing His Beloved Cat While He Was Sleeping

Grief is a frustrating and melancholy maze whose navigation is never truly simple. 

When one pet owner was having trouble confronting their guilt at the death of their cat while they slept, they turned to Quora to get answers on how to move forward.

And we weren’t prepared for how great these answers would be.

Michael Duncan pointed out that while his cat could have chosen to hide, as many felines do when they are sick, this cat chose to seek out their owner instead.

David Lourne felt the owner should see it as a last gift from a beloved pet.

While most people gave advice, others stopped to point out the sweetness of the entire thread.

And some shared their similar experiences.

The death of a pet is truly a difficult and emotional event, but as the interactions on Quora prove, it’s a universal enough experience to get some sincere and helpful advice.

H/T: Quora, Bored Panda