‘Instaception’ Is The Impressive New Makeup Trend That We Can Totally Get Behind

Internet makeup trends are rarely about what’s wearable on a day-to-day basis, right? They tend to me more about showing off your skills, like blending, color selection, and how steady your application is.

This latest phenomenon is no different. “Instaception” is an emerging trend where makeup artists paint parts of their faces to look like Instagram posts. Like we said, impractical for wear, but WOW the skill it takes. Half of us are over here fighting for 45 minutes so that our eyeliner looks vaguely even from 50 feet away. And these talented folks are up here with their straight lines on curved faces and saturated color all over the place. 

Look at this! This isn’t Photoshop! 

Neither is this! 

Unlike most trends, we know exactly where this one started. A talented Australian makeup artist named Dominic said he had the idea stuck in his head for a while so he gave it a shot. He wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome but other artists picked up on his idea and ran with it. 

Here’s that first Instaception look.

Things just took off from there!

You can find more amazing looks by hopping on Instagram and searching for #instaception.

H/T: Mashable, Instagram