NASA Launches Solar Probe That Will Get Closer To The Sun Than Ever Before ☀️

On Sunday, NASA launched the Parker Probe, which will come within four million miles of the sun — closer than any probe before it.

NASA’s Twitter account posted a video of the launch:

The launch took place at Cape Canaveral. If all goes according to plan, the Parker probe will be the fastest moving object ever made by humankind, traveling at speeds of over 430,000 miles per hour. 

According to the BBC:

Over the course of seven years, Parker will make 24 loops around our star to study the physics of the corona, the place where much of the important activity that affects the Earth seems to originate.

NASA continued to post updates:

And they shared a little lesson on the history of the probe:

Some couldn’t resist some good-natured fun:

Others expressed enthusiasm and good wishes:

We even got some cool spectator photos:

We can’t wait to hear what NASA finds out!

H/T: Twitter, BBC