Panicked Man Calls Police After Being Relentlessly Pursued By A Baby Squirrel

We could see how being chased down by an animal might be terrifying. You never know what to expect. Is it going to attack? Is it diseased? Who knows. We’ve all seen “when animals attack” videos, right?  So, no judgement against people who call the police when an animal is pursuing them. 

It’s just, well, we don’t normally expect those calls to be about an animal quite so…um…”unimposing” as the one that prompted a man in Germany to make a panicked phone call to his local emergency number. He explained that he was being chased by an animal and was scared. Officers asked him if he could identify the type of animal so they could be prepared when they arrived on scene. Understandable! You don’t want to show up thinking you’re going to be catching a Labrador and have it end up being someone’s escaped pet tiger or something. The animal terrorizing the man, according to the caller, was a ferocious baby squirrel. 

This guy, to be exact.

Authorities arrived to find the baby squirrel was, indeed, chasing the man — but it was because the little one needed help. He had lost his mother and, as rodents often do, he “imprinted” onto something else. In this case, the “something else” was this poor terrified man. Once the man stopped running to talk to authorities, the baby squirrel just lay down and took a nap. He wasn’t hard to catch at that point, and was taken to an animal rescue center where he could be properly cared for.  

But first the police department made him their new mascot, named him Karl-Friedrich, and posted his pictures on social media. 

The post is in German, but you don’t need to understand it to bask in all this cute. Aww! 

Twitter couldn’t get enough.

Karl-Friedrich is doing well with proper care, and the caller was finally able to continue the rest of his day without being chased by any more wildlife. 

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