The Songs People Grew Up With Are The Subject For An Entertainingly Retro Meme 😂

In a testament to the hilarity and long lifespan of Disney’s epic imagery, Twitter users — evidently thirsty for a new viral meme — have been passing around an image of Mike Wazowski from the 2001 hit Monsters, Inc.

The Monsters, Inc. throwback scene features Wazowski singing in a performance of his play at his company’s talent night, and people are pairing it with the age at which they first regurgitated a particular lyric. The song and lyric they choose is completely up to them and seems arbitrary yet oddly entertaining. 

Check some out for yourself: 

Regardless of the random nostalgia for music less than 20 years old, people seemed to enjoy it:

The lounge singer split screen image, a nod to the split screen sadness of yesteryear, has been making its rounds online and is being used to…well, we don’t know exactly why it’s being used but a split screen pic of Mike taking himself way too seriously always makes for a good chuckle. 

Here’s a clip of the legendary scene from Monsters, Inc.:

H/T: Twitter, YouTube