Victoria Beckham Just Introduced Her Daughter To ‘Spice World’—And She’s As Obsessed As We Are ❤️

La la la la la la la…

Spice World overwhelmed and changed a generation. There really is no explaining the film or its premise to anybody who hasn’t seen it, but you can pretty much say: [email protected]$$ girl band saves the world.

And yes, we knew every lyric by heart.

On Sunday, August 12, Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham) posted an Instagram story that had every ’90s kid screaming for joy.

Thank you, Harper. We’ve been wondering the same thing since 1997 and we STILL don’t know the answer.

And yes, Harper, we too want the little Gucci dress and have wanted it since 1997.

It’s been two decades since the film came out and we can’t listen to “Spice Up Your Life” without all five senses being overwhelmed.

Harper and Victoria are living a happy, quiet life in the countryside of London and are currently on vacation in an undisclosed location. We hope Harper will soon know all the words to “Wannabe” and we’ll get a little shot of that on Victoria’s Instagram story.

H/T: Entertainment Tonight, HelloGiggles