British Woman Says Her Vacation In Spain Was Ruined—By Too Many Spanish People 😐

Sometimes satire writes itself!

An English retiree, Freda Jackson of Blackburn, UK, is causing an internet firestorm after her ruined vacation in Benidorm, Spain, made headlines. What wrecked her sojourn to the land of the Spaniards? All the Spaniards, apparently!

Right from the start, the trip was a bit of a “cock-up,” as the Brits say, through no fault of Jackson’s own. First, Thomas Cook, the travel agency that booked for Jackson, 81 and her friend, 61, had to change their flights, but neglected to notify the women until the last minute. 

“Due to a system error Ms Jackson was not informed of a change to her flights until six days before departure,” said a Thomas Cook spokesperson. 

Then the women arrived in Benidorm to find that their limited mobility would end up hindering their access to the resort, despite having asked the travel agency to accommodate their issues. 

“We wanted to go somewhere on flat ground … because we have mobility issues,” Freda told Britain’s The Independent. But the resort was set into a hillside, “and it was 42 steps down to the hotel’s swimming pool.” 

These sorts of mistakes would set any vacationer off, especially after having to save up for it over a period of 12 months, as the pensioners had to do. But it wasn’t only these issues that threw a monkey wrench in Freda’s vacation. She had some other…concerns. 

“The hotel was full of Spanish holidaymakers and they really got on our nerves.”

“The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish.” 

“Why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?”

As you might expect, the internet didn’t exactly rush to Freda’s defense.

While many other Britons couldn’t help but see Freda’s angst in a post-Brexit context.

Some pointed out that vacationing outside their home country is about to get a lot more difficult for the Fredas of the UK.

The response to Freda’s critique didn’t stop Thomas Cook from issuing a £566 refund, though they claimed it was for the flight change mix-up.

There is one up-shot to all this. Freda’s debacle inspired at least one Brit to sum it all up as Britishly as possible—with a limerick!

Silver linings!

H/T: The Independent, The Lancashire Telegraph