Woman’s ‘Saggy Boobs’ Instagram Post Unwittingly Gave Birth To A Global Women’s Empowerment Movement ????

Chidera Eggerue, a famous blogger who goes by the name “The Slumflower,” recently made waves on Instagram with a social awareness movement centered around an oft-discussed part of the female anatomy. 

Eggerue posted in May the above photo of herself. At the last minute, feeling slightly unsure of her appearance and aware of the critical eye of the internet, she took it upon herself to create the hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, hoping to protect herself from any haters. 

Eggerue told Mashable:

Somehow I chose to enter on the caption #SaggyBoobsMatter. I didn’t know at the time that I was starting a movement, I was just expressing that saggy boobs actually matter.

Eggerue went on to say:

Anytime I wore something that was a bit revealing I’d use that hashtag in order to continue the conversation.

She then added:

First of all saggy boobs aren’t even represented at all. And secondly, most women have boobs that aren’t perky/ That means there’s a whole conversation that needs to be had about women’s bodies, and more importantly how we see our own selves.

Eggereu, who just released a self-help book titled What a Time to Be Alone: The Slumflower’s Guide to Why You Are Already Enough, is doing her best to get the message out that women’s bodies are not all uniform.

Support flooded in for Eggerue’s embracing of #SAGGYBOOBS.

Eggerue’s self-help philosophy is based in Nigerian tales passed down to her from her mother. Typically, they involve minding your own business and using that extra time to focus on yourself.

She told Mashable:

What we can all learn from Nigerian people is just prioritising minding  your business — something that’s really important. Minding  your business isn’t just staying out of gossip, it’s also focusing on yourself.

That’s a concept we can all embrace.

H/T: Mashable, Instagram