6-Year-Old Secretly Orders $350 Worth Of Toys Using Mom’s Amazon Account—And Her Face Says It All 😈

Meet Caitlin, a six-year-old thieving dynamo from Utah. Her mom let her order a Barbie on Amazon for her birthday, and when she later asked if she could check on the shipping, Mom made the mistake of letting her do so completely unattended. The next day, the Amazon truck pulled up.

Caitlin had industriously ordered three pages worth of toys from Amazon and felt zero guilt.

Look at this complete absence of remorse:

“She knew exactly what she was doing when she did it,” said her cousin, Ria Diyaolu, whose tweet sent the story viral. “I was so surprised that a 6-year-old knew how to do one-click, next-day shipping.”

Twitter had mixed reactions about Caitlin’s scam.

Some were melting at how adorable Caitlin is.

Others were not impressed.

Her mom told Buzzfeed that everything but the Barbie was going to be returned, and that Caitlin would be punished. 

“She did not get grounded, but she does not have access to the internet for a month.” 

The viral tweet had a few unexpected responses. 

We’re no sure if somebody on Twitter actually covered the cost of the truckload of toys, but we do know, the toys weren’t returned. Instead, something amazing was done. 

Neat, huh? Someone with three hundred and fifty bucks to spare came in and helped Caitlin make a significant donation to a local hospital. Sends something of a mixed message about treating mom’s credit cards with respect, but it’s always good to teach kids about kindness.

Maybe Amazon heard and thought they’d get some easy goodwill from the public?

Either way, here’s some advice: password protect your accounts, and assume your kids are smart, because they are, and they want toys. 

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter