This Person Is Clearly Having The Most Random And Tragic Of Days 😵

Everyone knows the superstition about bad things happening in threes, but this is ridiculous.

We’ve all been there: You’re doing your job, living your life, trying to get through your day when suddenly it’s like every force is against you. The internet goes out, that overly chatty coworker won’t leave you be, a bird flies in your window and poops on your laptop and then promptly dies. Okay, that last one might sound a bit far-fetched—but it actually happened. It’s what Redditor JaMollyAdams went through when she had an inconvenient and unsanitary run-in with a bird.

She posted on Reddit:

A bird flew in my window, sh*t on my laptop, and decided to die right in front of me. How’s your day going?

Talk about a crappy day. What sort of bird does that? There’s an ENTIRE OUTSIDE where you literally LIVE. Leave JaMollyAdams out of it and let her do her work! What did she ever do to you?

Lest you think JaMollyAdams made that up for upvotes and internet points, she had the receipts:

As someone who was pooped on by a bird on three consecutive visits to an amusement park in my middle school years, I can’t help but feel for JaMollyAdams. And the “bad things in threes” superstition has to be true.

Thankfully, JaMollyAdams’ fellow Redditors were ready with encouragement:

And commiseration:


And advice for dealing with what seems to be some very bad karma:

Twitter was no less…impressed? Disgusted? Surprised? Moved? It’s hard to know how to react in times like these.

May he rest in peace, and may his bird family find bird comfort at this difficult bird time.

H/T: Mashable, Reddit