Eric Trump Sent Out A Cryptic Tweet About ‘Snakes’—And It Promptly Blew Up In His Face

If there’s one inviolable rule of the internet, it’s that people who lack self-awareness will be eaten alive by Twitter. On Tuesday night one member of the Trump family learned that lesson the hard way. Poor Eric.

Eric tweeted just the hashtags #NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished and #SnakeInTheGrass. 

Was Eric throwing shade at Omarosa Manigault Newman in response to her recordings of certain White House conversations? The whole scenario has played out like a Real Housewives crossover with House of Cards, except that it’s real real life and undeniably thrilling regardless of your place on the political spectrum. The Trump administration and its supporters have been quick to brand Manigault Newman as ungrateful, treasonous, and even dangerous, and Eric’s tweet seems to be a thinly-veiled endorsement of that interpretation.

Twitter wasn’t having it and within minutes it lit up like a Christmas tree with drags and burns and call-outs, oh my!

Some couldn’t resist pointing out the Trump family’s corruption: 

While others focused their ire on Eric specifically:

And some took the opportunity to side with Omarosa:

A few put Trump supporters on notice:

And others strayed a little…off-topic?

Why not get straight to the point?

Even celebs got in on the sick-burn action:

Some people never learn, especially, it seems, when they’re sons of the President. Bless his heart!

H/T: HuffPost, News Global