Kimberly Guilfoyle Posted A Picture Her ‘Friends Sent’ Of Her And Don Jr.—But Internet Sleuths Weren’t Fooled One Bit 🕵️

Donald Trump Jr. and his new gal pal got caught in the most ridiculous lie.

Melania Trump lookalike Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host and alleged penis pic passer and glam squad abuser, has been flaunting her girlfriend status with Donald Trump Jr. on social media lately, and it’s something the internet seems to find pretty gross.

Yet Guilfoyle has been undaunted, seemingly looking to capitalize on her newly-minted relationship with Jr. by sharing overly-airbrushed mannequin-like photos of the duo on her Instagram no matter how many memes people make of them.

In what Guilfoyle tried to pass off as a candid shot taken by friends, the two were actually taking a selfie. 

Note the caption, which reads:

Cute pic with Don that our friends just sent us from our trip a few weeks ago. #MAGA

Don’t buy it? Take a closer look: 

It took very little time for folks to call Guilfoyle out on her stealth selfie:

Could it be…fake news?

Some people sought to defend Guilfoyle. Sort of.

While the super sleuths of the interwebs are no doubt being petty AF, it does seem to illustrate that, when it comes to Trump and Co., no lie is too small to try and pass off as the truth.

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