Group Of Young Girls Praised For Quick Thinking After Fighting Off Would-Be Kidnapper In Michigan

Four Michigan girls escaped an attempted kidnapping on Friday by punching, kicking, and throwing coffee at their would-be attacker. 

According to Buzzfeed News the girls who ranged in age from 11 to 14 were leaving a Speedway convenience store in Millington, Michigan around 10 p. m. on Friday night. 

As they left the store 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins followed them and grabbed the youngest girl saying “You’re coming with me.” The girls fought back, throwing punches, kicks, hot coffee and a Slurpee until Hipkins let go of the 11-year-old girl. He then grabbed another by the hair. 

The girls continued fighting until Hipkins eventually ran away on foot. The girls then ran to the Millington Inn and called the police. 

The police found Hipkins down the road from the Speedway. He was arrested on charges including kidnapping and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration. Hipkins’ bond was set at $250,000. 

Sisters Allison and Lauren Eickhoff talked to Buzzfeed about the attack. 11-year-old Allison was “in shock” after Hipkins’ grabbed her, but she and the other girls “just started fighting back.”

Allison said her dad taught her what to do in this kind of situation.

 He taught me if anybody tries to get you, just aim for the neck and  start punching, kicking, screaming, everything you can do to just get  them away.” 

Police Chief Jason Oliver commended the girls for their quick thinking and bravery.   “They did exactly what they should’ve done in that situation. A lot of girls would’ve ran, but they decided to fight and stay together. They did an amazing job.” 

The girls fortunately avoided harm, but were shaken by the incident.  “I’m feeling good,” said Allison, ” I’m just scared to go outside by myself and go around, but I’m doing okay.”

As for Hipkins, the girls hope “he gets the help he needs.”

People were blown away by the girls’ and their courage. 

And many were uplifted by the empowering story. 

For most though the best part was Hipkins’ mug shot which showed him wearing a shirt covered in stains from the coffee the girls threw at him.

Tuscola County District Attorney Mark Reene also praised the girls, noting that “This could have ended a lot differently than it did.” Thanks to their bravery everything turned out ok. 

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