Eagle-Eyed ‘Friends’ Fan Noticed Something Unusual In Joey’s Apartment During The Finale 🤔

It’s been off the air for ages – 14 years, to be precise – but people are still pining over the 90’s sitcom Friends. While the finale may have aired in 2004, reruns still air occasionally and, as one Reddit user pointed out, still had a secret hiding in it.

In the “How You Doin” Friends subreddit, user Jomibu posted a thread titled “Wtf is in the oven?” The inquiry is specifically referencing a strange object that can be seen through the viewing glass of Joey’s oven.

The posted image shows Joey in the kitchen overseeing the baby duck and chick he plans on gifting to Monica and Chandler. Behind him, near the edge of the frame, there is quite clearly an object in the oven. 

What it is, however, is a mystery. 

The Reddit thread erupted into a host of suggestions and possibilities.

Some users believe it to be a rubber chicken-since, of course, there’s no way Joey of all people could have a real chicken in the oven.

Another theory claimed it was Rachel’s hairless cat, also from the fifth season. 

But the last time we saw that feline, it was sold off to Gunther, not still hanging around the apartment.

There’s one theory that we’re pretty sure is wrong.

The most agreed upon theory is that the object is nothing more than a yellow M&M figurine. 

Reddit user IAMBEOWULFF confidently claimed it as the M&M character, stating they once owned one and are “100% sure.” 

Many others agreed.

Other users elaborated stating it’s the yellow M&M “sitting in a recliner holding a remote.”

Thanks to another user, Obermi, we have a zoomed and enhanced photo that does solve the mystery – and yes, it does appear to be the yellow M&M. 

The big question may have been answered, but we’re still left with one inquiry. Why?

Though the mystery may be solved, it’s still interesting to realize that there are details about the long-since-ended series that may still be hiding. What more could the Friends’ apartments be hiding? 

Maybe it’s more M&M characters!

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