The ‘Matilda’ Challenge Is Finally A Viral Trend We Can Get Behind 🙌

It seems like there’s a new viral social media “challenge” every week, each seemingly more forgettable than the next. 

From mouthfuls of cinnamon, to—God help us—mouthfuls of Tide, to ice buckets over the head, they all start to run together. (Though at least that last one made money for charity!) 

But the newest entry just might have some staying power, because it’s downright magical: Introducing the Matilda Challenge!

Remember the classic cereal scene from the movie Matilda? Here’s a refresher, in case you’ve forgotten–or just like to relive the good parts of childhood. (Or need a refresher because you’re old like me and spent the entire movie rolling your eyes to make sure your little brothers thought you were a way-too-cool-for-kids-movies teenager.) Scrub to the 1:25 mark for the best bit!

People all over the world, with a little help from their friends, are recreating this classic scene for the #MatildaChallenge, and it’s so delightful even Matilda herself—actress and writer Mara Wilson—is getting in on the action!

Some of them have furry costars:

While others have frankly impressive “special effects”:

Wilson even saw a bit of herself in some of the performers:

Some people even saw a bit of Matilda magic in real-life events:

And of course, not all of them went according to plan!

Of course, it wasn’t just Wilson getting a huge kick out of these frankly adorable videos. Practically everyone on social media was delighted!

For many, the videos were a recipe for instant ’90s nostalgia:

Some felt they had a magic all their own!

Of course, not everyone loved it:

But for most folks, it was just the thing we all need right about now:

Good job, internet!

H/T Mashable, The Independent