Police Are Searching For Man Who Was Filmed Smacking Hippo On Her Butt At LA Zoo

On Tuesday a man visiting the Los Angeles Zoo snuck over an enclosure and spanked a hippo, Rosie, on her butt. 

Yes, you read that right. Check it out.

Motivations behind the incident are unclear (I’m betting there was money at stake), but the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the prank.

The LAPD is searching for the man in the video. While they cannot charge him for animal cruelty as the hippo was not harmed, they want to take him in for trespassing.

Contrary to popular belief, hippos are extremely dangerous. In fact, in Africa they kill more people than lions, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos — combined.

Because of this, the LA Zoo has put up “no trespassing” signs around the hippo enclosure and has stated that “their space must be respected at all times.”

Some people are appalled at the man’s behavior.

But others can’t help but giggle a bit.

H/T: Twitter, abc News, LA Times