Pranskter Is Scaring The Crap Out Of People With His Remote-Controlled Shark Fin ????

Humans have been scared of sharks as long as we’ve known how to swim. Though the data doesn’t quite back up our phobia (you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than injured by a shark), the sight of all those sharp teeth activates something deep within our animal psyche that tells us to RUN. AWAY. NOW. 

YouTuber Jay Karl knows this better than most. In a recent prank, he drove a motorized shark fin toward swimmers at a local beach and the reactions are memorable.

Many on social media were eager to get in on the fake-shark action!

And, with a few alterations, this prank can be effective out of the water!

Before moving up to the big kahuna (sharks) Karl cut his teeth with a similar prank involving a remote-controlled alligator head!

Of course, the alligator heads can also be used to recreate epic battle scenes:

Keep on prankin’, Jay! You’re making the world laugh…when you’re not making them scream.

H/T – BroBible, Prank Army