Vincent D’Onofrio Turned To Twitter For Advice About Accepting The Role Of A Real-Life Racist

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Daredevil took to Twitter to pose a question about acting, morality, and timing.

On August 11 D’Onofrio tweeted:

I am going to ask a question to everyone that cares to answer it. I have an opinion which I will not reveal. Is Now the right time (considering the world in which live right now) for me to play a real to life characte [sic] who is irredeemable racist in a dramatic series?

The tweet has since been deleted, though he has posted his replies to many of his fans’ responses.

D’Onofrio received thousands of replies. He felt that the overwhelming response made a statement about our society today.

And he was right. His question came before Topher Grace had to file a police report based on a threatening phone call he received regarding his performance in BlacKkKlansman. The caller reportedly called Grace a gay slur and said he would ruin race relations in America.

Grace plays the role of David Duke, a real life former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and politician. 

Others agreed that taking the opportunity was important.

I feel there is a difference between glorification and exploration when it comes to characters who are meant to be the villain. I see no wrong in exploring that character, as long as it is not glorified. I also feel it is important in this time where people/politicians try to disguise their racism as what’s “practical” for people to see true, monstrous racism. Because it is not dead. It still lives in this country and people need to be reminded how bad it really is. I see nothing wrong with a show that says “This is what bigotry is. This is what it looks like. This is what we’re up against”. I also feel someone with your heart and passion for the craft is the ideal candidate to use this role to fight for change and truth.

Many people encouraged D’Onofrio to tread lightly if he took the role.

And others applauded his desire to open dialogue about the implications of him taking the role. 

D’Onofrio continued to explain why this question was important to him, saying “a singular life got us in the trouble we are in.”

H/T: Indiewire, Chicago Tribune