Michael B. Jordan Surprises Super Fan Who Went To Prom With A Cardboard Cut Out Of Him ❤️

You may not know Audeva Agyeman by name but you’ve probably seen her pictures a time or two. She initially caught the media’s attention after she decided to take a cardboard cut-out of Michael B. Jordan with her to prom. 

Her tweet about it was adorable. 

As the images went viral, they caught the attention of the actor. He even commented on the pictures, complimenting Audeva’s commitment. We all thought the story was going to end there … but like all good things in Hollywood, there’s a sequel now! 

The Creed II production team reached out to see if she would like to participate in a special project for superfans. Is there a fan more super than Audeva? We think not. Obviously she said yes. On project day, Audeva was picked up and driven two hours to a studio in Pennsylvania. The team got her all set up for an interview, plopped her in front of a camera, and started asking questions. 

And then this happened: 

As she stood talking about all the corny jokes she heard that night, Michael crept up behind her. A crew member asked how tall she thought Michael was, motioning to her side as if to ask if he was around the size of the person standing next to her. Audeva was shocked but the smile on her face says it all. 

The pictures from the quick encounter are SO CUTE. Look how happy she looks! 

Twitter is in love with this story. 

We totally expect a sharp rise in cardboard cutout prom dates after this. Honestly, not mad at it at all.

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