Former ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Doesn’t Appreciate The Abundance Of ‘Filthy’ Questions On ‘Family Feud’

If you’ve kept up with the most recent seasons of Family Feud, chances are you’ve noticed things have gotten a little risqué. And if you haven’t, then former NCIS star, Pauley Perrette, has you covered.

The actress behind the NCIS goth forensic scientist took to Twitter on Monday to chastise the brain trust behind Feud for making the show “so filthy.” 

Perrette then follows up by stating she’s “a sociologist” and asks “Why are all the questions now filthy and sex questions?”

The actress, civil rights activist, and singer/songwriter recently left NCIS in episode 22 of season 15, and apparently has been using some of that time to lambast the CBS game show.

Her inquiry drew in plenty of responses. Many Twitter users were on her side. However, others felt that she was being too sensitive or, as one Twitter user said, too “prudish.”

Another user tried to call out the hypocrisy of Perrette’s concerns by pointing a finger at the violent nature of NCIS.

While some implored everybody to take a look at some archival footage of earlier seasons:

It’s clear by some of the responses that Perrette isn’t alone in her thinking.

In fact, rewind to October 2015, and you’ll find that viewers were already growing displeased with Feud’s switch to heavily sexualized polls. During one airing in 2015, host Steve Harvey prompted a contestant with stating the “first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood.”

“Um, that would be the lower front,” the contestant answered, timidly completing the thought with, “or the vagina.”

Viewers also took issue with an earlier show where Harvey asked what “the last thing you stuck your finger in.” One answer he received was “my wife.”

According to Dan Gainor, the vice president of business and culture of the Media Research Center, growing sexuality in game shows is related to the acceptance of sexual content on television. 

“Sex acts that many Americans had never even heard of are now typical dialogue,” Gainor told FOX11 in 2015.

That doesn’t mean people have to like it, though; and to see just how displeased viewers are getting, it only takes a trip to Perrette’s Twitter thread.

There is one reality that even displeased viewers must face, however. 

And that’s a true statement. According to NY Daily News, since Harvey took over and the show started to integrate more sexual questions, ratings have continually surpassed Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune

Family Feud’s newer format just lends credence to the age-old concept that “sex sells.”

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