Stephen King Is Not Having Donald Trump’s Latest Tweet About Omarosa

Stephen King is widely considered the master of literary horror, so you’d think words wouldn’t hold the power to horrify or disgust him anymore. 

Generally speaking, you’d probably be right, but he’s been pretty outspoken about just how disgusting he finds Donald Trump’s words, actions, policies… pretty much everything. Stephen King and Donald Trump will never be BFF’s, let’s just put it that way. One of Trump’s recent tweets really rubbed Stephen the wrong way, and he wasn’t afraid to talk about it on Twitter. 

  Why not talk about Trump on Trump’s favorite platform? Makes sense to us.  

If you have no idea what he’s talking about, let’s back things up. Former reality-TV contestant and White House employee, Omarosa, has been discussing Trump’s racism in the media lately. Trump isn’t a fan of that, or Omarosa anymore. He could choose to stay diplomatic or to concern himself with other issues, but that’s never been his style. When Trump feels attacked, he hits back. This time was no different. 

Trump dropped this gem on Twitter. 

The tweet, of course, was popular among some people – but for the most part, people across party lines were pretty turned off by how classless and non-Presidential the sentiment was. King’s tweet about the situation really got people talking. 

The number of people suggesting a Stephen King re-write is both awesome and terrifying. Now that Omarosa has revealed that she has approximately 200 tapes and Trump is allegedly calling for her arrest, we expect things to get even more action-packed. We want your thoughts. Do you think Trump has gone too far with his insults? 

H/T: Mashable, Twitter