Tom Arnold Claims He’s Seen A Tape Of Trump Calling Eric The ‘R-Word’

Tom Arnold just told Jimmy Kimmel that Trump called his son, Eric, the r-word. 

For those scratching their heads, the r-word Arnold was referring to is “retard”. 

Arnold claims that the recording of Trump calling Eric the r-word, as well as him using the n-word (which Sarah Sanders failed to deny), is on the “n-word tape” from Trump’s time on The Apprentice

Watch his segment here:

In the video Arnold says the following: 

“There’s two people that have never called me a liar about the n-word tape. Donald Trump and Mark Burnett. Because they know it’s true. They absolutely know it’s true.”

But according to Trump, Mark Burnett, producer of The Apprentice, told Trump that the “n-word tape” did not exist.

This new allegation of calling Eric the r-word does not come as a surprise to many.

Others remind us that this is not new behavior for Trump.

I’m ready for these tapes to be released. In the meantime, register to vote to get the real r-words (Republicans, relax) out of their governmental monopoly.

 H/T: People, HuffPost, Daily Beast