We Now Know Why Over 700 People Got A Food-Borne Illness From Eating Chipotle

Chipotle has been plagued by food safety issues for some time now, but this recent outbreak is a doozy. Ohio hospitals have been overwhelmed with cases of food poisoning — 647 reported cases, to be exact. The common thread between all of these people? They had all eaten at one particular Chipotle location. 

The CDC estimates that the Ohio location made over 700 people sick in the span of just three days! 

According to investigators, fecal samples came back positive for a type of food poisoning that commonly occurs when food is kept at unsafe temperatures for too long. They have not been able to identify which of the food items caused the poisoning, or if more than one item was contaminated. The investigation is ongoing. 

Chipotle has responded by saying they will not be closing any locations. They are, however, retraining all staff, adding a “recurring online employee knowledge assessment” to their food safety regimen, and beefing up their daily safety routines. 

Twitter isn’t surprised, unfortunately. 

Chipotle has faced these sorts of scandals in the past, with notable outbreaks happening repeatedly throughout the years. A quick search turned up more than ten years of food safety issues for Chipotle. Does this most recent outbreak change your thoughts on the restaurant? Lunch, anyone?

H/T: Twitter, BuzzFeed, Business Insider