Eric Trump Just Said That He Hates People Who Are Disloyal And Twitter Did Not Hold Back

The Trump family sure loves social media, especially Twitter.

But lately it’s starting to seem like social media may not love them back. From the President’s posts about Space Force to resurrected Trump tweets to fit every occasion—there is always a tweet—to Dear Ivanka on Instagram and Don Jr. posting badly photoshopped polls, the family gets roasted pretty regularly.

But it hasn’t slowed them down any. 

We’re now watching as First (second) Son Eric Trump takes his turn as Twitter collectively reminds him why you should always think before you tweet. 

The communal dragging started after Eric Trump decided to respond to the scandalous Omarosa revelations happening lately, including recent news concerning his wife and pay-offs for former employees to remain silent. 

The middle Trump son fired off this short little tweet. 

Twitter took a deep cleansing breath, then reminded Eric Trump that he need look no further than his own father for examples of disloyalty in the form of marital infidelity.


Things did not really improve for Eric Trump from there as not a lot of sympathy was shared.

And the hits just kept on coming.

Soooo … pretty safe to say that tweet didn’t work out quite the way Eric Trump was hoping it would. But hey, points for fortitude! 

The tweet is still up, despite it getting almost no supportive responses.

H/T: Twitter, Newsweek