Parents Everywhere Are Relating To This Father’s Perfect Video Of Being A Parent At Disney

Comedian John Crist doesn’t have children of his own, but he just proved that you don’t need them to understand what Disney must be like with a whole pack of little ones in tow. 

Spoiler Alert: It’s INTENSE.

In under 2 minutes, John walks us through the trials and tribulations of Disney. Sore feet, long lines, overpriced everything, the crowds, the heat… it can be a lot to deal with. We Florida residents have some tips for the rest of you guys, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s have a laugh at Twitter’s reaction to the video. 

Twitter feels very personally attacked right now LOL.

Now, about those pro tips… 

1. Avoid Disney during the summer if you can.
2. If it’s Florida, it’s pretty much always summer. Be ready.
3. 9:30 is IN NO WAY too early to get wet, John. It’s already 98 degrees outside and you’ll be dry by 9:40.
4. Insoles.
5. Most of the good rides are open during their night time events. Less heat, less crowds, sometimes free cookies…
6. If you can get a FastPass and it works for your day, then do it. Small kids are NOT fans of waiting 80 minutes in line.
7. The seated restaurants may cost more than stopping at a stand, but they also involve air conditioning and alcohol.
8. Those little fan/water bottle sprayers will definitely break on you; get them anyway.
9. Don’t try to do everything in one day.
10. There are a few places to charge your phones, believe it or not.
11. Florida residents often have special offers available. Make use of them.
12. Wednesdays tend to draw a smaller crowd, but don’t kid yourself. It may be Wednesday, but this is still Disney we’re talking about here.
13. The splash zone is a parent’s best friend.
14. Keep your map. It may not be needed for rides, but knowing where the closest bathrooms are is Disney magic.
15. When all else fails, remember that second part of tip #7.

You got this, Disney-going parents! We believe in you! 

H/T: YouTube, Twitter, Travel & Leisure