Video Of Rock-Paper-Scissors Taken To The Next Level Is Taking Over The Internet

Lowell Elementary School in Indianapolis has HAD it with the regular old “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” game, and its students have invented a new version of the game to take it to a whole new level.

The rules seem to be:

-Two teams.

-You must hop through an obstacle course of hula hoops to face your opponent.

-Play a single round of rock-paper-scissors.

-The winner will advance in the direction of the other team, the loser must run to the back of their team’s line.

Eric Branch, the genius gym teacher who came up with the game, has christened it the “Hoop Hop Showdown,” according to Time.

“I love the reaction that it’s gotten,” Branch said. “I think what’s most powerful about it is not the game itself, but the kids and the energy that they have in the video.”

The masses have taken quite a liking-it’s a far cry from the PE Classes where we all hid from dodgeballs and hoped we could get a doctor’s note to excuse us for the rest of our lives.

And Mr. Branch says that this was hardly the whole game.

We can’t wait to see the Hoop Hop Showdown as a standard on nationwide PE curricula.  

H/T: Time, Thrillist