The New Spider Man Game Open World Trailer Is Truly A Marvel

The more footage that releases of Insomniac Game’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, the more we get to see of the expansive world of New York City.

A brand new trailer that dropped shortly after the latest look at the action-packed gameplay focused more on the world the webslinger would explore. 

Sony’s latest trailer is a two-minute glimpse into the large map of New York available to gamers, set to audio of one Peter Patterson and the infamous J. Jonah Jameson discussing Spidey’s antics. 

Of course, Patterson is Spider-Man’s public identity, Peter Parker, trying to, once again, sway Jameson’s jilted view on the web-head.

While the dialogue between the two is fun banter that describes some of the antics players will get to enjoy while controlling Spider-Man, the trailer wound up being a nod to many things from Marvel’s universe.

As Jameson and Patterson go back and forth, footage of the game plays, showcasing Spider-Man web-swinging across New York City. Viewers not too preoccupied by the gorgeous visuals were able to pinpoint several references to other Marvel properties.

Among the easter eggs that have been found are the Avengers Tower, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy. 

As exciting as it is to see other Marvel heroes referenced, it’s already been confirmed by the game’s Creative Director, Bryan Intihar, that no other superheroes will make an appearance.

That’s not to say there won’t be references to them made, even beyond the presence of these iconic buildings. But considering Spider-Man will be going up against the Sinister Six, Marvel’s Spider-Man is already jam-packed with a robust cast including Kingpin, Rhino, Mr. Negative, Vulture, Shocker, Electro, and Scorpion.

An eighth villain was teased at the end of the E3 2018 extended trailer and is believed to have been leaked as Doctor Octopus. The leak came during an interview between Call of Duty player Dritft0r and the voice behind Rhino. 

The voice actor was being interviewed about his role in Black Ops 4 when the conversation turned to Marvel’s Spider-Man. While discussing the Sinister Six fight scene, he casually throws in Doctor Octopus’ name. 

Neither Insomniac Games or Sony have confirmed or denied the slip.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is slated for release on September 7, 2018 exclusively on the PS4.