Forgetful Writer Rejects Own Story After Being Asked To Edit Anonymous Piece

#ShareYourRejections is making the rounds around Twitter.  Actors, writers, and other artists have been floating stories about their most intense rejections that (mostly) ended up becoming good things.

But some of these rejection stories are outright ridiculous (in a good way), such as Mark Leidner’s story, in which he rejected himself.

He also took it a step farther than rejection:

And further:

“Posting the screen shots made me feel confident in my writing and that I was smarter than the entitled f-ckface who’d submitted the story. I then sent what I thought was an appropriately polite but harsh rejection only to receive the email myself and realize I wrote the story,” he said.  Oh boy.  Imagine getting your own rejection email.

And by being a huge jerk online, trying to publicly shame the writer (aka himself), Leidner ended up seriously shooting himself in the foot:

In this case, Leidner was his OWN hater and it cost him a whole lot of money.

Though, since, Leidner has released some new works and is hopefully making a slow and steady recovery.

Artists continue to share their rejections around the internet:

And it’s inspiring to think–we all think we are such a mess and that we have it hardest.  But what we don’t know is everybody is sharing that path with us.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter