Dying Dog’s “Bucket List” Wish Comes True In Best Way

 Josh and Kerry Boyd are the proud parents of 11-year-old Staffy Cross named MuShu. 

 The couple recently received heartbreaking news that MuShu had cancer, and due to arthritis in her leg, her cancer is very hard to treat and is terminal. 

 So in an attempt to enjoy MuShu’s final days, Josh and Kerry decided to write her a bucket list. 

 Kerry said,

 “It was just a good way to celebrate her life I guess, you know, it’s a hard thing as a dog person to hear that kind of news so to put a positive spin on it and also just to give her an opportunity to let her enjoy her last few weeks or months , whatever it may be”.

 Part of that bucket list was for MuShu to participate in a police ride-along. 

 Eager to help the pup achieve her dream, Queensland Police Constable, Rachel Skill, set up the patrol. 

 Sergeant Nigel Dalton said,

 “It was wonderful to see the smiles on Mushu’s parents Kerry and Josh’s face and help them enjoy Mushu while she is still well enough.”

 Check out the Queensland PD’s Tweet about MuShu here. 

 Twitter can’t handle the sweetness. 

 Others wish MuShu and her parents happy memories. 

 MuShu doesn’t seem to be the only canine finding ways to enjoy their last days. 

 This terminal pup found his forever home.

 This sweet girl, who spent the majority of her life as a breeding dog, has also helped out the police as well as served as DJ at her local radio station. 

 And these angels became besties, enjoying their final days together. 

We don’t deserve doggos, but at least we can go out of our way to make their last days some of the best they had.

 H/T: Indy100, independent.ie, 4MK