Murder Suspect Does ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge At The Worst Possible Time

The “In my Feelings” challenge—or the Keke challenge—has been taking the world by storm.

Everyone from Will Smith to farm animals posted videos of themselves doing the song’s signature dance moves.

Many are staged next to a moving car.

Normally, a murder suspect being transferred to Georgia after allegedly killing two men in Michigan would be entirely unrelated news. 

But one of the FBI’s most wanted, Antwan Mims, shattered that perception when he burst into the “In my Feelings” dance moves while being escorted on the airport tarmac by officers to a waiting vehicle.

Watch the video here:

Twitter was alarmed.

There was surely a better time and place for Mims to get “in his feelings.”

Although some saw it as an opportunity to make a somewhat inappropriate joke.

Two men, Cortez Lamont Miller and Michael Canthrell Johnson, are dead after all.

Others pointed out Mims’ impromptu dance moves probably would not bode well for his case.

It’s hard to believe, but Mims’ Keke Challenge isn’t even the craziest one out there.

The challenge looks like a fun way to  dance like no one is watching—which, oddly enough, is how the best videos go viral.

Just exercise some common sense—and common decency—so no one gets hurt either physically or emotionally.

H/T: Vice, Pop Sugar