Anyone With Siblings Can Relate To These Perfect Tweets

If you have a brother or sister, there are certain things that only you and your sibling will understand. The internet took that concept and ran with it, compiling a list of different tweets that an “only child” simply wouldn’t get.

Pulled from #GrowingUpWithSiblings, these tweets are classics that accurately depict what it’s like to be both the older and younger child. Don’t have a brother or sister? You may still get a kick out of some of these. 

Before getting into it, there is a hierarchy to the whole sibling relationship that’s broken down fairly easily.

Sometimes the best part about being a sibling was watching disaster unfold from afar.

Then again, sometimes sitting on the sidelines meant watching your own downfall.

As a sibling, you soon realize that nobody is safe no matter who’s to blame.

Who would have thought that popular memes would so accurately depict the dynamic between siblings.

When you have a brother or sister, you know somebody is always watching.

Food is always a fun subject when it comes to families.

Is “calling shotgun” even a thing anymore?

This was a common occurrence. Especially on those nights you planned on wooing the boy/girl of your dreams.

Always – always – check the sibling’s room first when something goes missing. That’s just a rule of life.

Finally, the one tweet that sums it all up. This embodies what it’s like growing up with a brother or sister 100%.