Eric Trump Has Meltdown Over ‘Disgusting’ News Image Of His Dad That He Considers ‘Propaganda’

Unflattering images of President Donald Trump aren’t really new to the internet. In fact, they’re quite abundant. Of all the Trump images out there, however, Eric Trump wound up taking issue with the use of a rather innocuous one used by Reuters.

Accompanying an article about the cancellation of Trump’s military parade was an image of the president waving. 

According to Eric – and only Eric – the image was used out of the mainstream media’s hatred for his father. Since he offered no other context, Twitter users weren’t sure why he took issue to the photo in the first place.

Perhaps, in Eric’s eyes, the photo was intended to show Trump performing a “Nazi salute?”

As Twitter quickly pointed out to the young businessman, everybody was under the impression that the president was just innocently waving.

Even Trump supporters had to step in on this one.

Reuters later changed the image to something more appropriate to the subject matter, though it’s unclear if it was due to Eric’s outburst over the “hatefulness and disgusting antics of the #MSM

The replacement of the picture made Eric’s tweet even more baffling for those who hadn’t seen the original picture.

It was too late, for Eric Trump to take it back. He put it out there, and people responded with confusion over what the problem was.

Those that did catch on to Eric’s point weren’t shy about justifying if the image was used to take a jab at the president.

Some Twitter users did a little digging to show that Trump’s wave isn’t so unique to be mistaken for a Sieg Heil.

Essentially, Eric Trump took a rather harmless image of Trump, complained about it, and turned it into fuel for the president’s detractors. 

You know, just another day in the Trump presidency.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter