Author’s Tweet Claiming Christianity And Racism ‘Cannot Coexist’ Sparks An Internet Debate

If you’re ever looking for attention online, two surefire topics to attract it are race and religion. Write a post with both, as African-American author Trillia Newbell did, and you’re practically begging for an online debate! On August 16, Newbell posted that “Christianity and racism cannot coexist.”

Though she assumably meant that the core principals of Christianity were incompatible with hatred, her post still inspired a fierce online debate about Christianity’s history of condoning racism.

Christianity has been around for a very long time, and dropped the ball on many occasions when it came to race.

Many also used Newbell’s post to make a statement about the modern-day U.S., whose evangelicals passionately support a proven liar and adulterer. 

Others, however, agreed with Newbell’s sentiment that, no matter what a person claimed, one cannot be a true Christian while practicing racism and intolerance. 

The debate continued with no end in sight…

Fortunately, at the end of the day, everyone involved in the argument agreed on one thing: racism is a force of evil that has no place in the modern world.