Michael Shannon Goes Off On Expletive-Laden Rant When Asked If He Would Ever Play Trump

Celebrity interviewer, Eric Spitznagel, recently sat down with actor Michael Shannon for an interview for Playboy.

Shannon is a two-time Oscar nominee for Revolutionary Road and Nocturnal Animals. He recently played Richard Strickland in The Shape of Water and Captain Beatty in the recent remake of Farenheit 451

In the interview, Spitznagel asked Shannon:

“When you spend enough time in a character’s skin, do you start to empathize with him?”

Shannon responded:

“Oh yeah, all the time. When I played Captain Beatty in Fahrenheit 451, about halfway through shooting I was like, ‘Maybe he’s right. Maybe people do know too much. Maybe people are better off not knowing anything.'”

As the interview drifted towards politics, Spitznagel alluded to the earlier question and asked him who he’d want to play in a movie about the Trump administration. 

Shannon responded: 

“I honestly don’t think I’d want to be in a movie about this administration. I wouldn’t want anyone to make a movie about it. My preference would be that it just fade into nonexistence. I wouldn’t want to memorialize it or celebrate it in any way.”

Spitznagel continued to probe asking Shannon if he thought Trump was suffering from demons of self-doubt or fear. 

Shannon’s response:

“He’s having the time of his fucking life. He doesn’t even have to work. All the hard work that most people have to do to get to be president of the United States, he just skipped all that. The fucking guy doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He doesn’t have any grasp of history or politics or law or anything. He’s just blindfolded, throwing darts at the side of a bus”

Shannon continued saying that Trump had nothing to be empathetic toward and that he doesn’t believe Trump is capable of deep reflection. 

He remarked:

“I’m not going to remotely contemplate the notion that Trump is capable of deep reflection…

“It doesn’t happen. Fuck that guy. When he’s alone with his thoughts, he’s not capable of anything more complex than ‘I want some pussy and a cheeseburger. Maybe my wife will blow me if I tell her she’s pretty.'”

He also shared his thoughts on Trump supporters.

“Somebody who thinks Trump is doing a good job, there’s no conversation to have with that person. I know they say you should reach across the aisle and all that crap, but to me it feels like putting your hand into a fan.”

Shannon’s candor has got the internet cheering.

His may have made new fans with this interview:

Wonder if Shannon will be graced with a tweet from Trump in return…

H/T: Playboy, HuffPost