Neil DeGrasse Tyson Has An Idea For A Better ‘Force’ Than Trump’s ‘Space Force’—And We’re All About It

Donald Trump has had a ton of unorthadox ideas during his time as President of the United States. One of the most recent? Starting a Space Force. This new branch of the military would cover space, and cost a whopping $8 billion over a five-year span.

People have been skeptical, big name celebrities like Stephen King and Jimmy Kimmel ridiculing and laughing at the thought of such a program. But, not all famous faces are opposed to the intergalactic branch of the military.

Astroyphysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson supports the program.

Well, kind of. Tyson said that he would be “okay with a US Space Force” but suggested creating a different branch instead.

Some said that giving the government the right to decide what is and isn’t the truth isn’t the best idea:

He does have a point.

Tyson responded and said a force which focuses on objective facts, based in science, it would be a start:

People agreed that the truth is needed more than ever – especially given our current political climate:

Bill Nye chimed in, explaining that our news, media, and press remain our strongest Truth Force:

Bill Nye the Science Guy said we need science and truth, and he hasn’t steered us wrong before, so he must be right.

Some argued that the objective “truth” presented on the news is no longer the truth:

Who knows what is what anymore? Fact-checking in 2018 is a nightmare.

Tyson no longer has a chance of being General of the Space Force, but he might be on to something here:

General of the Truth Force, perhaps? Sounds like a pretty prominent position.

Anyone on board with the Truth Force, inquires can be sent to Tyson.

H / T – HuffPo, The Hill