Nicki Minaj Just Tried To Blame Her Album Sales On Kylie Jenner’s Baby 🤔

Just FYI: If your EP or new album is doing poorly, there is probably a six month old out in the world somewhere for you to blame.

Wow.  Nice rant, Nicki–way to show your true colors.

Despite premiering at #2, Nicki Minaj was looking for people to blame for not getting to #1.  Stormi Jenner, a 6 month old infant, got caught in the crossfire.  Luckily the internet thought this was hilarious and have been rolling out memes at the speed of light to make fun of Minaj’s temper tantrum:

How do we think Stormi will react (when she’s older) to knowing that she was the scapegoat for Nicki Minaj’s fury?

Truly, how sad is it to blame a six month old for your grown self’s shortcomings?

But it’s definitely funny.

The Video Music Awards are going to be held on Monday, August 20th, and preparation photos look like they’re stirring up trouble on purpose by putting Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj in very close proximity.

Tune in on Monday to see a brawl between Nicki and a six month old.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter