Woman Tricks Dozens Of NYC Men Into Showing Up To Hunger Games-Style Tinder Date Competition ????

If you got a Tinder date with a woman named Natasha in Union Square–beware.  You’ve been sucked into a trap.

Our friend @bvdhai above told us step by step how he got bamboozled into “Natasha”‘s evil plan:

“I message her some random sh*t and we chat for an hour or so and she says “here’s my number text me” I’m like okay sure thing,” he continues.

But then, out of nowhere, “Natasha” surfaced again:

But then, some cracks began to show:

“Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it’s her and I’m thinking WHAT THINE F*CKETH IS GOING ON,” he continued.  As Natasha walked directly by him and gets onto the stage she says, “I bet you’re all wondering what this is about.”

Natasha had found all these guys on Tinder and texted them the same message.

And apparently, people actually stayed and played her particular brand of Hunger Games (Our friend did not.)

According to Buzzfeed News, her speech explained her reasons for pulling this elaborate stunt:

“Dating apps are very difficult and I said, ‘Okay, how do I solve this problem? Maybe I can bring everyone here, in person, and see how that goes, and solve this once and for all,'” she said.

“So, do you have what it takes to compete against everyone here to win a date with me?” she continued. “I mean, maybe you’re disappointed, but I don’t see why it’s disappointing, because it’s a great story.”

The internet is torn between amazement and admiration for the gall and nerve that went into this:

Apparently, there is a bit of a reality-show element to this whole thing.

Rob Bliss Creative, the agency behind the video “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” put this all together.

“The purpose of the video was to raise awareness about the absurdity of dating apps and what it’s like to be a woman on a dating app and that experience,” Rob Bliss said.

We look forward to seeing the finished product.

H/T: Buzzfeed News, Twitter