High School’s Video Showing Girls Violating Dress Code Set To MIA’s ‘Bad Girls’ Prompts Backlash

Hey, want to feel like you’ve traveled back to the 1950s? The faculty at Marcus High School has you covered with this incredibly awkward PSA about following the school’s dress code. 

The student who brought the video to the internet’s attention understands why schools have dress codes, but there are better ways to enforce it. 

Seventeen-year-old Catherine Moring posted the video on Twitter and pointed out the school’s first mistake. It portrayed every violator as a girl. To make matters worse, the beginning of the video was set to M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls.”

Moring takes issue with the song choice as it implies by “wearing athletic shorts, you were a ‘bad girl’ even though we live in Texas where it is currently 100° outside.”

According to the video, the school’s dress code bans athletic shorts. What the school fails to point out is that athletic shorts aren’t exclusive to women’s fashion.

The video (and Moring) point out part of the issue of the sexualization of teenage girls is that the same standards aren’t upheld for the male student body. 

After the video was posted, Moring’s post erupted into a series of mini-debates over school dress codes and the idea that something as simple as athletic shorts can be considered “too sexual” for a school environment.

Alumni and current students of Marcus High School even pointed out the district’s hypocrisy.

It’s been a concern for some time now that girls are held responsible for how their male counterparts react to how they dress.

After the video went viral on Twitter, and parents from all over showed concern, Principal Will Skelton, issued a formal apology. But some would say that it kind of missed the point.

When approached by BuzzFeed News, a representative for the school offered no further comment.

H/T: BuzzFeed News, Twitter