Girl Spends Nearly Five Months Tweeting A Secret ‘Spongebob’ Themed Message And The Internet Is Thoroughly Impressed

Madi Bumbarger is a 20-year-old from Pennsylvania who just ascended the nerd-ranks with a brilliant Spongebob joke five months in the making. 

Which means Twitter is over here like: 

Madi spent the last five months tweeting things that didn’t really seem to have anything to do with anything. Just random thoughts, you know? The sort of stuff Twitter was initially intended for. Her followers didn’t suspect anything was amiss. Nothing too weird or scandalous was happening. It was just Twitter as usual. 

But it wasn’t… see if you can spot the pattern on your own. 

After months of work on the sly, Madi gave us all the key. 

Madi spent months giving her followers the FUN song in her updates! When you scroll through her feed, the first word of each tweet gives us the lyrics. It gives us the lyrics correctly, which means Madi had to not only know every word, she had to know them backwards! Every day she posted, starting from the last word of the song and making her way to the first so that she could, essentially, sing to us! Aww. 

If you, somehow, don’t remember the FUN song here’s a refresher.

Twitter lives for this sort of commitment to the ridiculous.

Have fun scanning all your friends feeds for hidden jokes! We doubt many people have Madi-level commitment, though. 

H/T: Buzzfeed, YouTube, Twitter