Thrill-Seeker Grandma Goes Skydiving To Ring In Her 90th Birthday

Dottie Sambiago is not letting one second of her time on Earth go to waste.

For her 90th birthday, Dottie decided to celebrate the way most 90-year-olds do: by jumping out of a plane!!

Dottie, who is from Petersburg, Michigan, says that the experience was “wonderful.”

“That ground came rushing so fast. I thought, my legs are going to be bent like an accordion…. next thing I knew we were down and I was fine,” she told her local FOX Station.

“Try and enjoy life. It is so precious. You don’t know how long it is going to be,” Sambiagio said.

Surprisingly enough, she is not the first senior to take up skydiving for a later-in-life birthday.

Gosh, we really wanna be like these grandparents when we grow up.

H/T: NY Post, Twitter