Mark Hamill Just Shared The Perfect Solution To Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Twitter Tirades

Actor and Twitter favorite Mark Hamill stepped up to offer Donald Trump some solid advice on streamlining his Twitter game so he can stop repeating himself so much. 

Early Thursday morning, Trump hit Twitter hard with a tweet reading:


The message is fine and all but Hamill, like most of us, started to see a repeated pattern in the Presidents tweets. He’s used the term “witch hunt” at least thirteen time is the last week. Here’s just a few examples—

Good thing Luke Skywalker stepped in to lend some good advice. 

 In other words, it was a polite way of saying— 

Hamill’s followers couldn’t agree more. 

The memes were on point.

Somehow we don’t think Trump will take Hamill’s advice which is too bad for the rest of us. 

H/T: Huffington Post, Yahoo