This NASA Intern Told Her Superior To “Suck My Dick And Balls” On Twitter And Was Immediately Fired

Twitter user @NaomiH_official was clearly excited when she’d heard she’d been accepted for an internship at NASA:

A man named Homer Hickam jumped in with a kind of smart-ass reply:

According to USA Today, Homer Hickam is a former NASA engineer who trained the first Japanese astronauts, and his memoir is the inspiration of the 1999 film October Sky.

Needless to say, he did not take kindly to the girl’s retort:

After which he pointed out:

YEESH.  Awkward.

Hickam subsequently published his own post recounting his intentions and what happened to the girl:

“I’m a Vietnam vet and not at all offended by the F-word. However, when I saw NASA and the word used together, it occurred to me that this young person might get in trouble if NASA saw it so I tweeted to her one word: “Language” and intended to leave it at that.

Soon, her friends took umbrage and said a lot of unkind things but long after I was gone as I immediately deleted my comments and blocked all concerned.

Later, I learned she had lost her offer for an internship with NASA. This I had nothing to do with nor could I since I do not hire and fire at the agency or have any say on employment whatsoever. As it turned out, it was due to the NASA hashtag her friends used that called the agency’s attention to it long after my comments were gone.”

Hickam said he had no intentions for the girl to lose her offer, and has gone through channels to see that she should get it back:

“She reached out to me with an unnecessary apology which I heartily accepted and returned with my own. After talking to her, I am certain she deserves a position in the aerospace industry and I’m doing all I can to secure her one that will be better than she lost. I have also talked to the folks that had to do with her internship and made absolutely certain that there will be no black mark on her record.”

Although Hickam wasn’t mad, not all feel that her story should have such a kind ending.

And considering the amount of viral hate-speech the girl is receiving, she has locked her account.

There is no word yet on whether the girl has gotten her job offer back, but it is very kind of Hickam to have gone out of her way to support this girl, despite the fact that she told him to “suck [her] dick and balls.”

H/T: USA Today, Buzzfeed News