This Video Of A Kid And His Probably Haunted Reflection Is Freaking The Internet All The Way Out

On Monday Twitter user @satxjolynn fully spooked the interwebs by posting a video of a young boy checking himself out in a mirror. While a kid making faces in a mirror isn’t something you’d expect grown folks to get up freaked out AF about, there was something decidedly—different—about this video.

Most people on Twitter freaked the hell out:

At least one person thought they’d seen something like this before…

There were those who were so shook they couldn’t even get their facts straight:

And those who invoked their own personal logic and superstitions:

Finally, a few voices of reason in a sea of fraidy cats:

At which point the OP cops to the fact that she knew it was the angle all along—she was just playin’ y’all.

No matter what your truth is when it comes to this mirror vid @Ysc_Petro has your back:

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed