Picking At Your Butt May Be A Legitimate Child Health Concern, According To Medical Experts

Kids do weird things all the time. Specifically, weird gross things. They pick their noses. They eat nasty things. And they also pick at their butts. But, as it turns out, the last one may actually be a sign of a larger problem: pinworms.

Mildred F. Carson, a pediatrician, told Fatherly:

Pinworms are a reason why kids might pick their butts.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pinworms infect up to 50% of children between the ages of 5-10. Their eggs hatch and then grow to full size inside the intestines. Once that happens, pinworms love to lay their new eggs around the anus. Hence, the itching.

Carson did explain that this isn’t the only potential cause for butt itching:

Children that are not wiping or being wiped thoroughly can have stool left behind and this will cause extreme itching.

But other potential causes aren’t exactly keeping people from worrying.

Let’s hope there’s a more innocuous reason for all of these people’s itchy butts. Fingers crossed!

H/T: Fatherly, KidsHealth