A Giraffe Photobombed This Couple’s Wedding And We Are All Jealous

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful and for anyone who has planned or is planning a wedding, you know that the only guarantee for your wedding day is that something will go awry.

But sometimes in the best way possible.

That is exactly what happened when Luke and Tristan Karshagen were taking their bridal party photographs at Areena Riverside Resort, a game reserve in East London, South Africa.

In the middle of their photoshoot, a male giraffe by the name of Abby wandered over to the wedding party to say hello.

Abby was curious about what was going on in his home and gently sniffed around.

The photographer, Stephanie Norman, described the unexpected visitor saying:

“This gentle giant stood there staring at us, before proceeding to find the bridesmaids and sniff out their bouquets. There were a couple of shrieks, and then giggles of laughter as the giraffe pushed his head into the bunches of roses.” 

“We all relaxed after that, realizing this beauty was just incredibly nosy, and wanted nothing but to see what we were all up to.”

Stephanie went on to describe how she was hoping to snap a photo of Luke and Tristan with Abby in the background, but Abby exceeded all expectations and proved to be quite the model, gently nuzzling the loving couple as they kissed.

Check it out.

Stephanie, the wedding’s photographer, went on to reflect on the special moment.

“I knew in that moment I had captured the most special memory for these two on their wedding day.” 

“It was such an amazing experience, as though he was blessing their marriage.”

What a special moment, indeed! 

The bridal party (obviously) took advantage of their surprise guest to take selfies to document their leggy long-necked wedding crasher.

Abby has delighted the internet.

This is the ultimate #weddinggoals

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