Pregnant Woman Fired From Job Via Text Saying ‘It’s Not A Good Time’ For Maternity Leave

A text message thread, posted by Kameisha Denton on Facebook, has gone viral. 

In it, she asks for advice after being fired from her job at Jersey Mike’s restaurant in Marysville, Washington.

The notification and justification for Denton’s firing can be seen clearly in this screenshot.

The conversation is with her boss, identified only as Marcos. 

The restaurant manager fired the Marysville resident because she is pregnant. He also points out she failed to disclose her pregnancy during her job interview.

He said:

“Hello I am sorry to inform you but it’s not going to workout [sic] with Jersey Mikes. It’s not a good time for us to have someone who is leaving for maternity leave in several months anyways. You also failed to tell me this during our interview.”

A local NBC affiliate reports that the manager in question resigned according to the owner, Tim Trieb.

The firing kicked off an intense debate.

Others stated it was illegal to ask about medical conditions or disabilities in a job interview and to fire someone for being pregnant.

According to Washington state law, it is illegal to fire, refuse to hire or demote someone because of a pregnancy. Local news reported that Denton did not respond to a call from USA Today requesting a comment.

But according to her Facebook post, Denton plans to take legal action.

If you are responsible for employees as a supervisor or manager or business owner, it is important to know your local, state and federal labor laws for your employees’ and your own well-being.

H/T: NBC, Twitter