Man’s Viral Tweets Are Comedic Gold For All The Right Reasons

You may have heard of Jeff Wysaski through his alter ego, obviousplant, the name under which he leaves fake books in bookstores, animal facts in zoos, or customer reviews in IKEA. If  you’ve seen any of those pranks, you’d probably be able to guess that Wysaski is a pretty funny guy, which his Twitter 100% confirms. 

Here are some of our favorite Wysaski tweets to lift your spirits!

Wysaski’s humor is often off-the-wall and brilliant in the most unexpected ways.

We can all aspire to this level of Twitter usage.

Of course, some are almost too close to the truth to be considered jokes!

Poor, poor Tim…

We can all relate to moments like these…which is deeply unfortunate.

Congratulations, Jeff, on being way too funny. Please continue so we can keep laughing at your jokes and forget the darkness in all our lives!

 H/T: Bored Panda, Twitter