Preschool Director Now Admits She Threatened To Cut Off Two 4-Year-Olds’ Fingers With A Knife ????

Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso, a former director at a preschool, pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree child abuse after threatening to use a steak knife to slice two students’ fingers off. 

The woman, 64, is facing probation, and is set to be sentenced on September 28. She pulled a steak knife out and placed it into the hands of two four-year-olds at Dawn to Dusk Christian Childcare and Learning Center in Plainfield, New Jersey. 

She told the children she would cut their fingers off and throw them in the garbage if they continued to misbehave. 

The Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing received a report, and Akinnaso was fired.

The school serves children ranging from preschool ages to 13.

Some wondered how someone so violent could work with children:

Neither child was harmed following the threat.

Raymond Moss, the father of one of the victims, cannot believe the former director won’t face more than probation for threatening two young children with a steak knife. The prosecutor’s office told Moss they couldn’t prove anything on counts of weapons or threats.

People are insisting she should be charged with something more than child abuse:

The prosecutor’s office will provide a recommended length of probation but that is ultimately in the hands of the judge. 

Akinnaso will have no contact with the families of the victims and will no longer be able to work with children.

Moss has said his son, Elijah, has been traumatized since the incident. 

Elijah doesn’t like to talk about what happened:

As soon as we sit him down and try to have these conversations, he goes to another place.

People are in disbelief at the entire debacle:

Both the school and her attorney, Adetula Olubukola, declined to comment.

H / T –, Reddit